Week 6 — Art Activity — Intermedia

  1. The idea I chose to run with was 2020 being a horrible year. I wanted to display 2020 grabbing everyone by the throats because 2020 has not been the year we expected. I called it “Catching the Hands of 2020”. The title just symbolizes 2020 messing everyone up.
  2. Media Choices: painting, drawing, video, clay work
  3. I ended up choosing clay work. I usually don’t work with clay since I’m not really artistic. However, I decided to challenge myself for this one because drawings and paintings are the first thing I can easily think of when it comes to media. Video-making is one of my specialties and I felt I would be cutting myself short of the challenge for this week. This piece would have been different with a drawing & painting since people wouldn’t see the dynamic three dimension. I just think this piece strikes a more powerful meaning with the three dimensions. The video would have allowed me to be more creative with my portrayal. However, I wanted to have a fixed media to allow all kinds of interpretation.

5. I think I did exceptional. Nothing too special. I am satisfied with the result. I do think that the eye in the middle maybe a little difficult to convey my idea of 2020. However, the eye is just supposed to represent the year of 2020 having a mind of its own and setting its eyes on something different for everyone. Overall, I do think people will struggle to see what I’m talking about since hands don’t directly tie into a bad year.



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