Week 7 — Art Activity — Collabor-8

Thomas Lo
2 min readOct 12, 2020


Jason Hurtado — https://medium.com/@triple0999

Alexis Bonilla Soto — https://medium.com/@alexbonillasoto1994

Kellen Munson — https://medium.com/@kellenmunson

Arianna Ortega — https://medium.com/@ariannamaya11

Don’t work around the clock too often.
Enjoy yourself and let your surroundings submerge you into another world.
Remember to go with the flow and catch the waves. Don’t go against the currents of life.
Sometimes, we have to cross bridges into new situations.
Other times don’t forget to relax and let your mind be vibing to the enjoyment of life.
Often, we have to wait and be patient with life; similar to a Star Wars New Season premier that we must wait for.
When life gives you lemons, make lemonade. In this case, when quarantine strikes, make your own bar!
Have a balance of fun times and seriousness.
Though we have to be isolated from another, spend time with each other in other ways. Create a fantasy league of your own and talk smack to another!
Or simply, spend time with those already near you.
You don’t have to spend time with humans only, dogs are great personalities too!
Lastly, view life with welcoming arms like this welcoming video of the virtual fall 2020 semester!



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