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Thomas Lo
2 min readNov 9, 2020


About the Artist

Michael Bay is an American film maker who has produced many films over his career. Some of his notable work are the Transformers Movie Series, Pearl Harbor, and the Bad Boys Movie Series. Michael is notoriously known for his action films and action scenes. His biggest interest is in booms and crackles. He sets up action scenes where all the elements of the actions are projected on a large scale. His work explores creativity and authenticity.

Formal Analysis

Bay’s work consists of many colors and different rhythms. The color highlights his movies and bring them to life with the creativity installed behind it. The colors in his movies are depicted to accurately represent the real life scenarios even if it may be fantasized. Throughout the movie, Bay inputs different rhythms to set a pace at first and then bombard his viewers with climatic scenarios. In his films, Bay does not stick to one genre of film. All his films usually have a climatic action scene, but Bay loves to stretch his mind with creativity and authenticity to make his career even better.

Content Analysis

In his films, Bay wants to test himself on what he can produce. He constantly explores ideas that will make his films better. After so many films, the creativity and authenticity can only be so much. Thus, Bay has to challenge himself on new film ideas and he has to find ways to present the ideas in different, unique ways. The most emphasized aspect of Bay’s work is projecting his film and ideas to his audience. Movies that do not communicate to the audience usually end up being a mistake to begin with.

Synthesis / My Experience

In Bay’s movies, I resonate strongly with his action scenes. Not only has he perfected the action scenes, Bay has learned to touch his audience’s hearts with scenarios that draw empathy and inspiration to viewers. I love his authenticity and creativity because I too challenge myself to become better at what I do. Authenticity is a trait to always carry since liars don’t usually resonate with people. It only brings trouble. I see myself striving to become better no matter what. Over the years, I developed a healthy trait of following people who want to make you better. I surrounded myself with the people I inspire to be like. It doesn’t have to be an exact copy, but I want to share similar traits that will benefit me for the rest of my life.



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