Wk 11 — Student Choice — Part 4

Thomas Lo
Nov 9, 2020


Version 1
Version 2
Reference Photo

3. The strengths of version 1 was the lack of colors brought attention to the detail of the sketch and allowed people to use their creativity to see what would be the real deal (IRL).

4. The main weakness of version 1 was also the lack of color. Version 2 highlights shades and colors that make the sketch pop more. I did not want to overwhelm the second version since I still wanted people to focus on the actual sketch. Bright colors and excessive coloring would have made the photo unbearable to look at since the main focus should be on us.

5. I didn’t get a feedback video since I didn’t make one as well.

6. I did try to make less emphasis on my eyes since IRL my eyes are pretty squinty and I made my girlfriend’s eye lashes as realistic as can be. The concept was still the same. It was a sketch with actual colors this time though. I felt the colors brought the sketch along more.

7. This second version is actually a huge success. The colors brought the captured moment together and made me actually see myself in the drawing. Beforehand, I felt like I was just looking at another drawing, but the colors have come along quite well.



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