Wk 13 — Art Activity — Portfolio Research

Thomas Lo
3 min readNov 30, 2020


3 Companies

  1. Northrup
  2. SpaceX
  3. Boeing
  4. Northrup — This company focuses on advancing and creating solutions that solve current aircrafts, cybertechnology, land military uses, space uses, and sea military uses. The company is a powerhouse in the industry and supplies over thousands of parts that improve regular to confidential projects.

I would offer value to this company because most engineering projects will use electronics and they will need people who know how to utilize hands-on activities with their parts and machines. My major focuses on the hands-on aspect of the engineering field which few are experts at.

2. SpaceX — This company focuses on the space field. They advance spacecraft and technology that will allow humans to thrive in outer space. Particularly, SpaceX’s main goal is to provide the first main bridge to thrive on Mars.

I would offer value to this company because I would be able to put together the electronic circuits that will be installed into the spacecrafts. Also, I could possibly maintain the machines that make the spacecrafts and also maintain the spacecrafts that have already been launched.

3. Boeing — This company also focuses on the aerospace field. The company provides military and commercial aircraft and is one of the largest recognized aerospace companies in the world.

Even though my major is in electronics, I would offer value to the company because the aircraft that Boeing produces will utilize a lot of electronics. Thus, a technician who can maintain and control the electronics that go into the airplanes will be important.

Most of the companies will have large projects that will utilize all engineering fields to collaborate together.

First person — Franci Stewart

Franci presented herself on LinkedIn which is a professional’s profile outlook. She has two recommendations from her company that she works with. She looks like she was/is a manager at HoneyWell International. The thing that popped out with her was the fact that she was also a technician before spreading into other areas.

2nd person — Allen Duan

Allen presented himself on LinkedIn. He has many years of experience in the engineering field and has worked in director positions of two major companies. He includes his merits and accomplishments over the years of his experiences.

3rd Person — Michael Cislo

Michael is an accomplished individual. His career is not entirely connected to my major. However, information technology is in his specialties. He has many awards and merits. He has worked from many companies and climbed through positions over the years.

I would design my website to have my resume in a resume headers section. I would also put my extracurriculars in its own section. Basically, each general topic will have its own section but the main page will give the general gist of who I am as an individual first. I would list my major and career focus secondary because I want people to know me as a person first, then they can learn about me as an engineer second.



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