Wk 9 — Art Activity — Student Choice, Part 2

2. My original vision was to make a prank video of my girlfriend.

3. This final product is completely different. The approach has changed and I wanted something we can remember about. I decided to draw an old photo from our high school sweetheart days.

4. This project was definitely a success because I related something closer to me during this quarantine. It brought some reminiscing memories from the past that we both deeply cherish now.

5. I was not able to do the first part. However, I feel this piece is strong as it is already. My idea was based around love, cherishment, and faith.

6. I did not want a color based drawing simply because I didn’t want to dive into the skin tone coloring. I did explore sketching and portraits which I am horrible at. As a first portrait that I dedicated to, I did not want to focus specifically on the whole faces. Instead, I did the side shots like the original photo and made the portrait come to life as much as possible.

7. If I redid this project, I would attempt to dive into coloring on faces. I’m not a huge fan on coloring in skin tones and accurately matching skin tones to real people.



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Thomas Lo

Thomas Lo

Human, Student of Life. “The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now.”